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CSR "Towards a Sustainable Society"

Our hospital will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society that will lead to the next generation, as well as "define the animals, pet owners, and staff that we will meet as a family, grow together with the current family, and aim for community-based medical care." ..


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are action plans that the world will work on by 2030 to eliminate poverty and disparities and realize a sustainable society based on the philosophy of "no one will be left behind."


Our hospital is "a hospital where the animals that come to the hospital and the smiles of their families grow, and the smiles spread brightly like rape blossoms, which is familiar to the local people." Of the 17 goals set by the SDGs, three goals that should be addressed in our business activities toward "realizing a sustainable society that leads to the next generation " through the animal hospital business that aims to be a "home hospital" . We will contribute to the realization of sustainable results by setting the following goals.

Goal 1

In order to change the working environment of the veterinary hospital industry, where it is difficult to continue working due to the birth of a child, the director himself took advantage of the experience of the third childcare leave after the opening of the hospital, and based on the life cycle of the female staff, "It is easy for female staff to work . Creating a work environment that keeps shining

Goal 2

"Creating a town where owners and pets can live with peace of mind" by providing medical care that makes the most of their high expertise for skin diseases that often cause problems.

Goal 3

Aiming for the future of a new region through partnerships with local female entrepreneurs and young people, regardless of the framework of a veterinary hospital, "Creating opportunities and opportunities for co-creation with local people"


・ Working environment according to lifestyle from a female perspective

・ Work environment where staff continue to grow together (holding seminars, promoting participation in external seminars)

・ Reduction of overtime hours by IoT system and reservation priority system

・ A secure work environment with a complete security system


Easy to work for female staff

Creating a work environment that keeps shining


We aim to create a work environment where staff can continue to grow together.

We value the desire of staff to grow, and we hold study sessions by inviting external lecturers, promoting participation in external seminars, and holding in-hospital seminars where staff can share what they have learned in the seminars.


After the opening of the business, the number of staff who took maternity leave, including the director, has increased to six. In the future, even after the staff returns, we will create a comfortable working environment while raising children and aim to be a place where the smiles of the family can grow.

We aim to create a diverse working environment that suits lifestyles from a female perspective.

With the birth of the director, we will actively introduce new work styles, such as introducing “home-based online medical care”.


Owners and pets

Town development where you can live with peace of mind

・ As a regional hospital, highly specialized skin care

・ Promotion of health maintenance by trimming that suits the child

・ Trimming for elderly and sick pets, pet hotel

・ "Cat-friendly hospital" that meets international standards

・ A comfortable environment for everyone in a barrier-free space


With local people

Creation of co-creation opportunities and opportunities

・ Collaboration and co-creation with local female entrepreneurs

・ Support and cooperation for young people who are moving into the future

・ Cooperation and cooperation with local educational institutions

​・Value creation through collaboration between veterinary hospitals and external human resources ( design management, DX, etc. )

* Refer to design management (link: Japan Patent Office)

* DX (Digital transformation)


Reduction of shopping bags as part of environmental protection

Please bring your own bag


We are working to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags as part of our environmental conservation.

In addition, considering environmental protection and convenience for owners, we also handle plastic shopping bags that use 25% or more of plant-derived raw materials (biomass raw materials) that are not subject to charging.

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